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  • Blackpink is Back Soon, "How You Like That" on June 26, 2020

    YG Entertainment released a new poster "How You Like That" on June 16th, announcing that blackpink will release a comeback single on June 26th this month. 
  • BTS Announce "Map of the Soul: 7-The Journey" in Japanese

    BTS will release their fourth album "Map of the Soul: 7-The Journey" in Japan on July 15th, the new songs in the new album "Stay gold" will be released on June 19.
  • BTS Member Suga Breaks Record For Korean Solo Artists With “D-2”

      Under his rapper name Agust D, BTS member Suga released his latest solo album "D-2" on May 22. Suga won the iTunes charts of more than 80 count...
  • Top 25 Popular BTS Merch in 2019

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    At the time of his debut, V had already revealed his retirement plan in an interview. Recently, the interview video was turned over by netizens and received a lot of attention.
  • The various types of BTS dolls were quickly snapped up after being put on shelves

    Recently, BigHit released a new BTS Doll series. These include: BT21 Dolls and BTS BTS IDOL Doll. These new products are sold on the Amazon platform, the world's largest online shopping mall. In a short time they rushed to the location of Amazon's Best Seller.
  • BTS V wins first place in "KOREAN MOST HANDSOME & BEAUTIFUL 2019"

    BTS V wins first place in "KOREAN MOST HANDSOME & BEAUTIFUL 2019", Once again won the title of a handsome man.
  • BTS SUGA becomes the first place in the "Idol Capable of Self-creation"

    A total of 2,355 people participated in the survey, and SUGA received support from 9,928 people, with a vote rate of 46%, ranking first! This is definitely an excellent achievement, which fully proves the talent of BTS music creation, They are the best K-pop group!
  • "Make it right(feat. Lauv)" Remix Ver Confirmed for sale on October 18

    After achieving such good results, we have welcomed the opportunity for BTS and Lauv to work closely together. This version of "Make it right" Remix is ​​really hard to come by. What will be the fascinating synergy when the BTS's sensuous voice meets the sweet voice of Lauv? Let us look forward to the new "Make it right" Remix version.
  • Which BTS Member Are You Most Like?

    Which BTS Member Are You Most Like? PleaseTake our test and write who i s your bias in the comments section

  • Wesley Snipe wants to be a backup dancer for BTS?

    The humor of Wesley Snipe attracted a laugh from the scene and became a hot topic of discussion on the Internet. Unfortunately, many netizens have said that the dance intensity of the BTS scene is very high. If you want to do their dance, it will be very hard. They still recommend Wesley Snipe to think about it.