Wesley Snipe wants to be a backup dancer for BTS?

In the 1990s, the very popular Marvel comics adapted the movie "Blade Warrior", making the actor Wesley Snipe loved by everyone.Wesley Snipex is now 57 years old. Not long ago, he went to South Korea to visit. When asked about what he wanted to do after retirement, he gave a very amazing answer. “If I am retired now, my dream is to be Bangtan Boy's partner dancer” . Wesley Snipe said with a smile when asked by reporters about her retirement. (There are coupon codes for BTS merchandise in this article, don't miss it ) 

Blade Warrior stills

Bangtan Boy (Hereinafter referred to as BTS) is the abbreviation of the Korean men's singing group Bangtan Boys. It consists of seven boys, RM, JUNG KOOK, JIMIN, JIN, SUGA, J-HOPE. Several members of the BTS are very talented. They differ from other groups in that they are very committed to their musical dreams, strive to create and strive for excellence. Since their debut, they have received very high attention and recognition throughout the world. Most of their songs focus on students' dreams and education. Their songs express the voices of young people from the perspective of confused and rebellious students, and they are very able to soothe the soul. (20% discount coupon code:partycode1273254. Go Shopping to www.partypartygo.com )

      BTS attends music ceremony in the United States

The humor of Wesley Snipe attracted a laugh from the scene and became a hot topic of discussion on the Internet. Unfortunately, many netizens have said that the dance intensity of the BTS scene is very high. If you want to do their dance, it will be very hard. They still recommend Wesley Snipe to think about it.

However, this joke from the superstar is not difficult to hear his love for the best KPOP team. In fact, BTS is very popular in the United States, and in the United States, they have participated in a lot of music awards and won a lot of awards.

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