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The hot Korean popular combination BTS member V is only in the early 20s. But he has already begun to prepare his own romantic retirement plan.

At the time of his debut, V had already revealed his retirement plan in an interview. Recently, the interview video was turned over by netizens and received a lot of attention.

At the time, V who was interviewed said that he would end all his work before he was 40 years old, and dedicated all his remaining life to his wife to help her take care of the family together.

This retirement plan is simply too romantic! V also said at the time that in the fall, he would wear a brown trench coat, take his son and daughter, and go to the park to feed the pigeons to eat shrimp.

                                  BTS MEMBER V's ROMANTIC RETIREMENT PLAN - partypartygo

V once said that his idol is his father. His father can take good care of the family and work hard for his children. He can also guide his children to fight for their dreams and continue to encourage him to grow. V said that he hopes he can become the same person as his father.

Perhaps it is because of the small number of years of success and failure that will make V have such a simple and beautiful plan. We hope that he can carry on his dreams and keep going.

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