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BTS SUGA becomes the first place in the "Idol Capable of Self-creation"

From the 7th to the 13th of this month, a questionnaire on the idol list of "Idols capable of self-creation", BTS SUGA was named the most self-creating idol. For the ARMYs, the majority of netizens' affirmation of their idols is the most gratifying thing!

A total of 2,355 people participated in the survey, and SUGA received support from 9,928 people, with a vote rate of 46%, ranking first! This is definitely an excellent achievement, which fully proves the talent of BTS music creation, They are the best K-pop group!BTS MERCHANDISE DISCOUNT ONLINE SHOP----SUGA

When BTS SUGA was asked about the hard work of music creation in an interview, he replied: In fact, it’s hard to make music. It’s especially tired when you’re performing. So sometimes I don’t want to do anything. Because I am also an ordinary person, sometimes I want to rest well. In fact, everyone is the same, We have the motivation to stick to it. Some are because of hobbies, some are because of family. 

But for the BTS, ARMY is the driving force of the BTS. When music can't be created, when we want to give up, we think of the people who are waiting for us, so that we can stick to it.


We hope that the best BTS will continue to do so and bring better music to ARMYs around the world!                                   

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