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"Make it right(feat. Lauv)" Remix Ver Confirmed for sale on October 18

BTS Bangtan Boys is working closely with the famous pop singer Lauv to launch the "Make it right" Remix version.

According to the latest report, we learned that BTS will release the latest single with Lauv on October 18th, "Make it right" Remix version.

"Make it right" is a song included in the new album "MAP OF THE SOUL:PERSON" released by BTS in April. Although this song is not the title song of this album, it has achieved very good results soon after its release, and is very popular among everyone.

BTS MAP OF THE SOUL Hanging Wall PictureBTS MAP OF THE SOUL Hanging Wall Picture - partypartygo.com

After achieving such good results, we have welcomed the opportunity for BTS and Lauv to work closely together. This version of "Make it right" Remix is ​​really hard to come by. What will be the fascinating synergy when the BTS's sensuous voice meets the sweet voice of Lauv? Let us look forward to the new "Make it right" Remix version.

In fact, before this, many people in the music world have repeatedly revealed the news that BTS will cooperate with Lauv, which has already attracted everyone's close attention. Lauv also wrote "did i finally make it right?" on his own SNS, and also released a photo with BTS members.

Photo of BTS members and Lauv

Photo of BTS members and Lauv - partypartygo.com

Lauv also participated in the BTS concert at Wembley Stadium. After the concert, he also had a close meeting with BTS and took a photo with him. When he was at Wembley, he had already revealed to BTS that he was paying close attention to the cooperation between BTS and Khalid.

"Make it right" Remix version will be released at 6 pm on October 18th, Korea time, let us look forward to the latest performance of BTS!

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